October 10th World Day Against Death Penalty.

Today, October 10th Marks the World Against Death Penalty Day. Despite the progress that has been made world wide in abolishing the death penalty, capital punishment still exist in some countries such as Iran , Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Often the death penalty is given to non violent offences and to those who are minors.

One such country, Saudi Arabia has one of the highest execution rates in the world. The majority of the death sentences handed out in Saudi Arabia have been offences that are non violent in nature. One such example is the cases of three Saudi Shia boys who sit on death row for participating in pro democracy protest during the Arab Spring. Ali Al Nimr, Dawoud Al Marhoon and Abdullah Al Zaher were all minors during the time they engaged in nonviolent street protest demanding reform.
The use of the death penalty is incompatible with human rights. It undermines human dignity and is inhumane. We call on the Saudi authorities to overturn the death sentences given to Ali, Dawoud and Abdullah and all other political prisoners and to release them immediately  CHRIO Mission Manitoba also calls on all other countries that have not already to abolish the death penalty. #WorldDayAgainstDeathPenalty